How do I know my nail size?

       To get the perfect fit you need to
first measure. Click the How to Measure
page for more details and
a "how to" video on measuring
your nail beds.




How do I apply the press on tips?

Applying your tips can be done
in just a few simple steps!
With the right nail prep you
will get the most wear out of
your custom made set!  



Are the tips reusable?

YES! The use of nail tabs will
make them reusable. When glue is
used to adhere the nail a soapy soak off
will aid in gently removing the tips
from your nail bed without damage
to the tip or your nail.



How long after ordering will I receive my order?

Orders are processed in the
order received. Orders are completed
within 7-10 business days
from the order date, not including
holidays and weekends. All orders are
then shipped First Class USPS with tracking.




How long do the nails stay on?

Wear time depends on how well
you prep your natural nails before
application, how rough you are on
your hands, and your choice
of adhesive.
Nail tabs give the option of a few days
wear or even a few hours for events
such as a photo shoot.
With nail glue from 1-3 weeks.