Nail Trends of 2021, so far!

Nail Trends of 2021, so far!

Nail Trends of 2021

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Sweater Weather

What's better than a warm and comfy sweater on those bitter cold winter days? Matching nails of course. This popular winter trend is back and is better than ever. Sweater weather nails can be designed in any color and pattern combination. This cute matte design isn't just limited to "winter" nails. Nails can be customized for any reason and season.

Multi-Colored Tips


Make your own personal statement while thinking outside of the ordinary! Make a subtle or bold statement. Pick colors that represent you and your style. Choose a gradient color story, a complementary color story, all the same in different shades. It's all up to you. Be as creative as you want to be




 Fab nails that represent your favorite brand. Get a chic manicure without breaking the bank. Styles can be customized with any designer. Designer inspired sets can be understated or over the top. It's all up to you!


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